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Nikolas Gernhard

Nikolas Gernhard

Wealth Advisor

As a financial planner, I find great satisfaction in unraveling complex problems and offering unique strategies to my clients. The most rewarding aspect of my work is witnessing clients acknowledge the dedication and thoughtfulness I put into creating and maintaining their financial plans.

My specialization lies in retirement planning and integrating tax strategies. While it is possible to finance various significant expenses in life, retirement is not one of them. Hence, it becomes crucial to approach retirement planning with the utmost care, especially in an era where pensions are scarce and healthcare costs rise as we live longer. Considering that individuals often pay more in taxes throughout their lives than on anything else, it is in everyone's best interest to establish an enduring tax strategy. Through meticulous planning, I assist clients in retaining a substantial portion of their earnings.

My wife and I were unfortunate recipients of bad financial advice when we were young and starting out. This experience drove me to ensure that others wouldn't have to face similar challenges. I take immense pride in offering the best advice possible to my clients by presenting them with various options and explaining concepts in a manner that they can easily comprehend. As a former math teacher, this career feels like an extension of my previous role in education.

Beyond my professional life, I find joy in motorcycles, cars, cooking, and exploring new places. However, my family serves as my greatest source of inspiration. I am proud to have been married to my wife Sandy for nearly 25 years, and together we have two wonderful children, Arianna and Alex. They constantly motivate me to strive for excellence each day. As I grow older, I am increasingly aware of the impact I have on others, and I am committed to making a positive contribution to the greater good. I am an active member of the Sierra Club, advocating for the protection of our natural spaces. Additionally, I support various organizations, including the North Carolina Children's Hospital, as I strongly believe in providing children with opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest.