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Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Business Owners and Leaders:

With partners of Destination Wealth having business ownership experience, and our CEO having owned and successfully exited multiple businesses, we understand the life of a business owner and leader. We understand the importance of having the right people in place you can trust to get done what’s needed. That is why our goal is to partner with you and serve as your quarterback for your personal and business financial needs. The days of you having to direct traffic with your professional partners are over. We will work closely with your CPA, attorneys, CFOs, and anybody else you need to take that burden off of you. Whether it’s overseeing your 401(k), strategizing with your CPA to optimize your income, hosting educational events for your employees, working with your attorneys to implement buy-sell agreements or any of the other numerous services we offer business owners and leaders, Destination Wealth is your answer to making wealth management a hassle-free experience. 

Individuals with Complex Financial Needs:

One of the greatest failures in the wealth management industry is the ability to solve complex financial situations. That is why we designed Destination Wealth in a way that offers you an expert in every category. Instead of your advisor having to be a generalist and wearing the hats of a financial planner, portfolio manager, and insurance broker, you’ll be served by a team of experts. Your Wealth Advisor will be the quarterback and know your financial plan inside and out. Our portfolio management department will be constantly researching, evaluating, and managing your portfolio strategies. We will work with one of our CPA partners, or your CPA, to optimize your tax situation. Our partnerships with estate attorneys will oversee all estate planning and strategies. This team of experts approach lets you feel at ease that every aspect of your financial plan is in the best hands.